Citrus White Wine Sangria

It certainly doesn’t feel like Fall in Southern California.  If you’re still feeling the heat, try this cool, crisp, citrus white wine sangria recipe.

Cool Citrus White Wine SangriaIt’s just as refreshing as this guy- C.J. Eckman.  He concocted the recipe. C.J. enjoys siphon brewed coffee, appreciates “good” ice and is researching how to make his own bitters. He’s a rad client of mine who also happens to be quite the mixologist.

CJ EckmanStart by steeping fresh citrus in 1/2 to 3/4 cup of brandy (depending on how much you like brandy). Lemon and orange slices work nicely. Let that sit for at least 12 hours. It’ll be worth the wait.

citrus and mintOnce you have your citrus infused brandy, mix that with one bottle of white wine. Prior to serving, muddle mint leaves into each glass and add a splash of ginger ale for sweetness and carbonation.

citrus white wine sangriaLet’s enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. Cheers! #agencyhappyhour

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