Vitamin Infused Water

My new favorite spot for bottled cold press juice is Juice Served Here.  Their juices taste crisp and they have creative concoctions like their charcoal lemonade.  I hate to admit this.. but another reason I’m partial to Juice Served Here is because their juices come in glass bottles. Everything, even liquified kale, manages to taste better when it comes in a cold, glass bottle.  So, as you can imagine, I’ve collected quite a few of these bottles, which have come in handy for reusing to bottle up vitamin-infused water for the day/week.

Pixie from Juice Served HereIt’s been a stressful couple weeks.  In the middle of preparing for a comp presentation, we received a brand new RFP, all while a key member of my team put in his two weeks. As a result, my skin has been breaking out and I’ve just been feeling really exhausted lately. Whenever I can feel myself getting physically worn out, I resort to my cure-all. WATER.

Water always clears my head and helps to wake me up. If you’re ever feeling cloudy in the morning even after a couple cups of coffee, your body is most likely just thirsty for hydration. A glass of water can really make a difference.  So this weekend, I bottled up these fruity vitamin-infused waters to ensure I hydrate as much as possible.

vitamin infused water

Super easy – just start with slicing up citrus fruits and berries.  I cut up some gorgeous grapefruit but I thought it was a little too bitter for my taste.  Lemon and lime are always great.  I think strawberries are my new favorite.

Citrus fruits It’s important I spend a little time prepping for stuff like this at the beginning of the day or week, otherwise I know I’ll skip out on healthy habits if they’re not easily accessible.

vitamin infused water

I love these bottles of fruity goodness because even though I like fruit, I don’t consume fresh fruit as often as I should.  So it’s a good way to get the nutrients from fruit and get in my 8 glasses all at the same time. And I absolutely love love love sweet, delicious, ripe strawberries, but I hardly ever manage to take home a yummy batch from the store. I always end up with sour ones, then avoid eating them. But even sour strawberries seem perfectly fine when they’re sliced up and swimming in water.

vitamin infused waterHopefully after downing all this vitamin-infused water, I’ll have smooth, clear Tyra Banks skin.  Highly unlikely.  But I’m pretty sure, at the very least, I’ll feel a little healthier and refreshed.

vitamin infused water

So drink up!

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