Girl Power

Today is International Women's Day and I wanted to share my 3 favorite girl power series & films. All 3 are beautiful, inspiring, empowering and involve fashion and creativity. Good Girls Revolt This is a must - the fashion alone... YUM. Set in the late 60s, women band together in the male-dominated journalism industry to fight for the right to ...

Glitter is Life

When I'm old and gray, I want to look back on my life and see THIS. wattpad icon by sarah-longbottom on Polyvore Pure joy. Comfort in my own skin. Creativity galore. An explosion of memories in rainbow confetti form. Trails of glitter everywhere I go. THIS is what I'll be striving for everyday. Happy Monday, everyone. XO. Photo ...

These images by Rebekah Campbell make me swoon. It’s still Monday, but I can already feel Friday. Seems like there’s a lot going on around me, yet I’m in my own little world just happily working away… feeling good.

Stuff I did recently that I’m thinking is contributing to these good vibes: watched La La Land, picked out our wedding cake, squeezed my nephew Kingston, spent Sunday cooking on a salt block with family, engaged in some light Chinese New Year festivities, didn’t eat sugar the last 2 days, and pitched in on a new project at work.

Also, THANK YOU all for reading my latest post on agency life – I received such sweet, positive, supportive feedback on my Instagram that I so appreciate.

Hoping you guys are starting the week off well yourselves. If not so much, there’s still plenty of time for it to perk up. XO!Rebekah Campbell photographyPhotos are from here and here.


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