Interview with 0484

I've been working with Gabe Yeh and Matt Trettin from 0484CREATIVE for a couple years now and I must say... they are one of my all-time favorite agencies to partner with. 0484Creative is a studio based in Orange County that just kills it when it comes to video production and photography. What I appreciate most about working with ...

Agency Interview with KWORQ

Ivy Liu, Creative Director of Creative Agency KWORQ, invites us to take a look behind the curtain of this boutique agency that specializes in video and celebrates with whiskey. I love coming across agencies that take on colossal projects amongst a strong but small, lean, mean team. Check out their new Soho office, how laughter and liquor are necessary ...

Christopher Moon – On Getting Hired

The delightful Christopher Moon shares his tips on job hunting, interviewing and his first impression of working at an agency.  This ambitious and enthusiastic recent college grad made the move to agency life after a year of interning on the client side.  Welcome to the dark side. (more…)

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