Love This Planner

BTW. If you haven't gotten your 2017 planner yet, I really like this one. It's simple, not bulky and the cover is a smooth, vegan leather. I also love the pretty salmon color. And if this isn't quite your jam, here are a few other options I was looking at. Rainbow Scheduler - Think I may get this ...

desk chair picksI’ve had the same desk chair for years now. Lately, especially since I’ve been working from home the majority of the week, I’ve been wanting a new desk chair for my home office. Not only does it need to be stylish, but comfortable as well. I spend hours at a time in my chair – not good for my bum, I know. But that’s the truth. I still haven’t quite decided on a new one yet, but I’ve spent some time shopping around online. Here are my top 6 desk chair picks. What do you think?
desk chair picks
1. IKEA Multi Color Swivel 2. IKEA Blue Patrik  3. Pottery Barn Teal Tufted 4. Pottery Barn Navy Hearts  5. Target Grey Linen 6. Overstock Chartreuse Boss Carnegie


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