Girl Power

Today is International Women’s Day and I wanted to share my 3 favorite girl power series & films. All 3 are beautiful, inspiring, empowering and involve fashion and creativity.

Good Girls Revolt
Good Girls Revolt - an awesome Girl Power series.

Good Girls Revolt - an awesome Girl Power series.

This is a must – the fashion alone… YUM. Set in the late 60s, women band together in the male-dominated journalism industry to fight for the right to write. It shows how working women at this magazine were taken for granted, shuffled into the background to get coffee and do the research and legwork for male writers. This gem of a series serves as a powerful reminder that it is never okay for women to be overlooked, underappreciated and ignored for doing the same work that a man does. Also, if you were part of the group that was devastated when Mad Men ended, this show will certainly hit the spot and with even more of a kick.

This is a great series to watch especially after the downright amazing Women’s March we had this past January that had 750,000 people flocking to Downtown LA.  Such an inspiring and motivating moment in history to see all sorts of people come together to spread a positive message.

The September IssueThe September Issue - shoot styled by Grace CoddingtonThe September Issue - shoot styled by Grace Coddington

The September Issue is my all time favorite documentary. This film gives you an inside view of what goes on at Vogue in preparation for their biggest issue. Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington are divine. I love that Anna Wintour is so utterly famous and important in the fashion industry, yet she exposes this subtle vulnerability when she talks about her family and what they think of their career- they find it “amusing”. It’s kind of surreal how a woman can dominate and revolutionize an entire industry yet still be viewed as amusing. Loved learning about how she was the one who had the idea to put celebrities on the covers of Vogue and how she simply doesn’t settle on mediocre just to get something done and out. “Where’s the glamour?” – my favorite Anna quote from this documentary.

And Grace Coddington. WOW. I loved every scene with Grace, the brave, outspoken, amazing redhead stylist at Vogue. She said so many things that really influence my work ethic to this day. “Make yourself necessary.” That statement alone is SO incredibly powerful and important to me. Fading into the background, vaguely delegating things to other people, relying on old overused ideas, playing dumb when you can take charge… is NOT OK. It’s weak and people will eventually realize you’re not needed.


Iris Apfel - an inspiring Girl Power documentary Iris Apfel - an inspiring Girl Power documentary

Iris Apfel, the incredible, eclectic, ageless style icon… this film is such a joy to watch. It really puts you in a happy mood because of her positive outlook on life. When an interviewer told her he noticed how she’s never said anything negative about what other people wear, she replied “I can’t judge. It’s more important to be happy than to be well-dressed.” I have so much admiration for people who make a career out of being themselves. Iris is one of the most influential style icons in the fashion industry, yet she doesn’t follow any trends. I love that her style is completely hers. She’s kind of a hoarder and I LOVE it. She keeps growing her career despite her age. And she has the sweetest relationship with her husband- surrounding yourself with loving, supportive people is important! This documentary really gave me a fresh perspective on life – we have so much potential in ourselves to make a career that we want and have a FUN life no matter how old we are. Most importantly, being YOU is simply more than enough.

Happy International Women’s Day to all my smart, beautiful, powerful, incredible unicorns. XO!

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