Jaime Rovenstine Art

Really into these gorgeous, color bomb paintings by Jaime Rovenstine. I stumbled across one her paintings online and eventually found her website. Every piece is so full of wonder. I can spend so much time marveling – her art feels like an illustration of our daydreams. I love every color combination; all the different shades of pink make me so happy. It’s also neat seeing this contrast of wild brush strokes and drip marks combined with these very perfect circles, lines and geometric shapes- seems like a consistent theme throughout that I totally dig… some control amongst chaos. I can’t stop staring and feeling inspired. Love things that make my mind wander and daydream. Jaime Rovenstine Jaime Rovenstine Jaime RovenstineThis one (top) is called “I Know I’m About Cause I dream.” Love. Jaime Rovenstine Jaime Rovenstine Jaime Rovenstine Jaime RovenstineMood: Lost in space. Or time. Or both. Just lost in everything, and feeling good about it. Jaime Rovenstine Jaime RovenstineJaime RovenstineObsessed. Obsessed. Obsessed. Jaime Rovenstine Jaime Rovenstine Jaime RovenstineThe ones with the geometric shapes and lines are probably my favorite. Jaime Rovenstine Jaime RovenstineHope you’re all having an inspiring weekend. XO.

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