Fab Office Supplies

New year. New office supplies. Fabulous ones, that are pretty. Just taking a moment to revel in these little Kate Spade notebooks and pens my friend Lisa sent me. I absolutely adore them. As much as we’d like to, we can’t always pick up a new Kate Spade handbag whenever we’ve had a draining day. But accessories for the desk… well that’s totally allowed

Agency Addicts / Kate Spade office supplies

It’s all in the details. Love it. Live it. Agency Addicts / Kate Spade office suppliesThese pens with their sweet messages… So we can pretend we’re writing love notes instead of briefs.

Agency Addicts / Kate Spade pens

Agency Addicts / Kate Spade pensI feel pretty.

Agency Addicts / Kate Spade office suppliesIt’s the little things in life isn’t it? What makes you feel fabulous? <3

Agency Addicts / Lisa Dilling

PS. This is my friend Lisa Dilling. She’s a killer project manager, margarita sommelier, 100% lovely and sends me fancy things.

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