Sleek & Simple Standing Desks

I’ve noticed lately that ever since I started working from home the majority of the week, I’m moving around way less than when I actually leave my house to go to my actual office or visit a client. I take all of my meetings via conference call and eat my lunch downstairs in the kitchen. I don’t go outside, take walks or anything. It’s amazing how much more I get to move around when I don’t work from home – just walking from my car through the parking lot into the office alone probably makes up more steps than when I’m working inside my little townhome. But it’s not like I’m incredibly active at the office either.

We sit for so long at work everyday, in meeting after meeting. And when we’re not in the office, we’re commuting or driving to client meetings. I remember years ago, when I first started working at an agency, I’d run back and forth from my desk to the creative studio to answer questions from the production artist assigned to my job, or talk to the Traffic Manager about who’s working on what and when my projects would be coming out of the studio. Nowadays, everyone works remote- my office has Art Directors in both Irvine, CA and Farmington Hills, Michigan. I have Program Managers not only in Irvine, but also in Milwaukee and Canada. With everyone being spread all over the place, you spend the majority of the week sitting on conference calls and answering Email. I heard sitting all day can be equivalent to, or worse than, smoking. Not sure I believe that, but I know it’s something that needs to change pronto.

Which is why I love the whole idea of a standing desk. Here are some sleek and simple standing desks that you can use with your current desk setup. Sleek & Simple Standing Desks - Alto

1. Alto by rldh. Standing desks are expensive and this is a nice option for just under a hundred dollars. Sleek & Simple Standing Desks- Readydesk

2. Readydesk Value Combo. I like this one  a lot – it’s everything you need, especially if you have dual monitors, but still very minimal in design. This one is just under $170.Sleek & Simple Standing Desks - LIFT

3. LIFT by iSkelter. I like the idea of having a little space to stash some stuff, like headphones and post its, underneath. The Lift is a great option because it’s sturdy enough for you to put more than just your monitor or laptop on it, you have some room to use for storage or to add a few trinkets for decoration. But this one is on the pricier side at $349.

Sleek & Simple Standing Desks - StandStand

4. StandStand. Talk about minimal… the StandStand is great if you’re looking for an option that’s easy to remove and small enough to be portable. This one is $100.

Sleek & Simple Standing Desks - StandStand Grand

5. StandStand Grand. And for those of you where the StandStand just doesn’t cut it, there’s the StandStand Grand. It’s more than double the size of the regular StandStand, but also more than twice the price at $250.Sleek & Simple Standing Desks6. IKEA. And of course IKEA has thankfully created a very affordable standing desk for just $239. This one is a full desk, with a crank to adjust the height. Really great deal considering just an add-on to your current desk can start at a hundred dollars.

Hoping to be a little less stationary these days. Let’s get up and move. Or at least stand.

Looking forward to a short week! XO.


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