For the love of color

I’ve been looking for some colorful art for my home office. I don’t have a ton of wall space in there and I currently have a huge painting hanging that feels a bit overwhelming. I think I want to replace it with a collection of smaller prints. I love color, especially pops of hot pink – it’s so unexpected and adds such life into a room. I was searching for images that were super feminine, but bold and vibrant. I stumbled upon the top photo and am absolutely obsessed with it. I feel like that image combined with these other pieces would make a stunning gallery wall. I love the contrast of  the royal blue amongst all the pink too. And I guess I have a slight obsession with lips right now – that pout in the very last photo is what I wish I looked like in all my selfies. colorful art - blue pot

colorful art - Acuarela 1colorful art - palms fuchsiacolorful art - yoko hondacolorful art - flamingocolorful art - la belleI wish I could buy every print all at once! But I think I’ll save some for my Christmas wishlist.

1. Bright Pink Part 2 by Jenny Liz Rome 2. Blue Pot by Amanda Mocci  3. Acuarela 1 by Kamargio 4. Palms Fuchsia by Caitlin Workman 5. Romance by Yoko Honda 6. Flamingo by SofieRolfsdotter 7. La Belle by LanasArt

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