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I am savoring this cold, chilly Winter weather we’ve been getting in California lately. I know my friends in the Midwest would KILL me for describing this weather as cold and chilly, but it is for LA. Last year felt like Summer all year long with just a few cold days sprinkled in- we barely got to break out any boots, sweaters or pretty coats. Sad times. Yet this year feels like we’re getting an actual Winter.

The cold weather makes me really appreciate working from home – I like being in the office with my coworkers, but not when it’s pouring out and my already-intense commute is dragged out to two full hours of sitting in traffic. But my home office can feel pretty sterile when I’m there for hours by myself. So I’ve been looking for a few things to warm up the space and cozy it up a bit. Here are some Winter essentials I’ve had my eye on.
Winter Essentials to cozy up your Home Office - these round cushions from Urban Outfitters.

Round Pillows from Urban Outfitters – I could use all three colors, but if I had to choose one… that mustard cushion is totally my jam. Winter Essentials to cozy up your Home Office - this hamster space heaterHamster Space Heater from Amazon – need I say more.
Winter Essentials to cozy up your Home OfficeVinyl Record Player in Mint from Urban Outfitters – this would add such a warm ambiance to any office. Playing vinyl records creaes a totally different feel from listening to Spotify playlists off my laptop.

Winter Essentials to cozy up your Home Office- loving these little f word vases from Robert Segal Studio

F Word vases from Robert Segal Studio – I found these impeccably made vases at Unique LA earlier this year and they just put a smile on my face every time I see them. Even more so, when I have flowers in them. 
Winter Essentials to cozy up your Home Office - this large knit throw

Large Knit Throw from Etsy – I’ve been dreaming of getting one of these large knit blankets for a while now. But they’re so expensive. For good reason too, since they’re completely handmade. So I figured I can swing for a smaller one to use as a throw for my office. You can find smaller sizes here. Imagine how fabulous this would feel on your lap as you’re typing up a creative brief or finishing your expense report.
Winter Essentials to cozy up your Home Office - small candles from Urban OutfittersSmall Candles – these are from Urban Outfitters, but I enjoy all kinds. One of the small joys of working from home is that you get to burn candles in your office. Really calming.

What are your Winter essentials this season?

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