Last week was one of those weeks where everything was just unnecessarily difficult…

I attended meetings that should have been emails.

I was asked multiple questions in a row that I had already answered a month ago.

I was on a conference call where we needed a ballpark delivery date, and all we ended up with after 30 minutes was a longwinded excuse that meant “I don’t know.”

We hired two new client-facing employees and I was told we had no smartphones we could assign to them.

I came across new faces at my company with the longest, most elusive titles ever. Always makes you wonder.

A big meeting got cancelled after I had already booked travel for it.

Needless to say, it was not a very unicorn-esque week. Ever have one of those?

Some days, there’s just no better way to say it… GYST.

I can’t wait for Justin McClure Creative to complete their Kickstarter Campaign so I can finally get my very own #GYSTclub mug. It’s the perfect way to subtley give the people around you a hint, without completely losing it.

I’m just glad last week is over! To donuts and glitter and unicorns from here on out.

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