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These last 3 weeks have been a complete blur – multiple meetings with 2 of our biggest clients, coworkers flying in and out from all over the country… at one point, I had to do a presentation on our company’s capabilities where the client didn’t speak English. Our Business Dev Rep talked over us, translating in Spanish, for the entire 3 hour meeting. So that was new. In the end, the client invited us all to present in Madrid… which made that the most awesome meeting EVER.

Anyway, big client meetings usually means big meals… catering, fine dining, the works. So 3 weeks’ worth of meetings meant loads of breakfasts, lunches and dinners with various clients. We really outdid ourselves this time. Brown sugar oatmeal and croissants from Champagne Bakery, 4 Seafood Towers and plate after plate of Butter Cake from Mastro’s Ocean Club… I was in heaven.

It’s super fun to be fed well, but I don’t always feel great afterward. It’s hard to eat well consistently when part of your job involves entertaining. So here’s what I do as a Weekday Detox when I’ve had more than a couple days of over indulging.
weekday detoxFirst off, I drink a ton of water. I’ll start my mornings by cutting up a whole lemon and adding it to a large mason jar of water. Throughout the day, I’ll keep refilling the jar. The lemon makes drinking water a little less boring. You can cut up cucumbers and add mint leaves as well, but lemons are just what’s easiest for me. weekday detoxIf you want to make it interesting, you can try these fruity vitamin infused waters too.

weekday detoxweekday detoxThen I’ll get this flight of detox waters from Pressed Juicery. Sometimes, you can get this detox kit of 4 waters from Amazon Fresh if you don’t have a Pressed Juicery nearby. I’ve never been good at doing full-day or multiple-day cleanses, especially for a weekday detox, so I’ll just drink one of these each day instead of eating my usual afternoon snacks. The chlorophyll h20 happens to be my favorite, even though it sounds icky – it actually just tastes like tea. And because these are waters, not juices, they’re a lot more pleasant going down than cold pressed kale and beets.

weekday detoxweekday detoxLastly, I try to have one meal during the day that’s mostly made up of fresh fruit or veggies, or both. I am obsessed with watermelon so I can easily have watermelon alone for lunch and feel satisfied. I feel so much lighter when I do this, so I’m trying to incorporate more fresh fruit and veggies into my meals as much as possible.

I know that if I spend at least a week doing these 3 things, I usually feel a whole lot better from the food hangover due to the weeks prior. I’m not a very strict health and diet person, so I always try to find stuff that’s easy to do, and that I can maintain without cramping my lifestyle.

I hope these weekday detox tips are helpful when you get caught up in your next busy season. And if you have any tips of your own, please share!

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  • Andrea Taco
    November 2, 2015

    Try pineapple tossed with basil. It’s a recent discover and super tasty if you’d like to try something different.

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