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Happy New Year, Unicorns! Sorry I’ve been MIA – first it was the wedding, then it was the house. But no more excuses. I’ve missed you and am looking forward to blatantly easing my way back into your lives- starting with these 10 things I’ve been addicted to lately (besides donuts). Most of them were Christmas gifts.

  1. My Mother-in-Law got me this fleece wrap and pants lounge set and I’ve been living in it ever since. The material is so soft and warm, I always look forward to changing into it after dinner and then nesting into my spot on the couch.
  2. I am so late to the game on this but ever since we moved, I swapped out all our plastic clothing hangers for non-slip velvet hangers. I’ve always heard they save so much space but never believed it until I finally tried them out. And yes it’s true – they not only shrink down the amount of space your clothes take on the rod, but they also make your closet look so much better too. This set is an awesome deal, and the hooks are rose gold for extra prettiness.
  3. I’ve been maintaining my blue hair with this conditioner and hair mask set. I don’t get to go to my hairdresser as often as I’d like because she works over an hour away, so this stuff helps me freshen my color at home between visits. Best part- you can use the conditioner regularly, without gloves, and it won’t stain your hands or make a mess in your shower. You need to use gloves for the hair mask but you won’t use it as often.
  4. This water cream has been a lifesaver for my dry skin this Winter. Not only is it super effective as a moisturizer, it also works as a brightening and anti-wrinkle cream. I use a couple small dabs after I wash my face and it feels cool and refreshing.
  5. My friend Rae gave me this highlight and contour set for Christmas and I’ve been getting so many compliments. There are six shades and it sounds like such overkill but I use ALL of them each time I put on my makeup, with very little precision, and it seems to be doing some kind of dewy magic.
  6. Colin got me these statement earrings and I was over the moon because I am so obsessed with this artist. Everything by her is interesting, grand and marvelous. Coveting so many pieces by her right now- like this.
  7. My boss gave me this adorable business card holder and that made me feel whole. It made me nostalgic about the decor at my wedding, and I thought it was the cutest thing ever.
  8. I never knew how much I’d appreciate these indoor/outdoor slippers until I realized how awesome it is to go out in public with your feet cradled in the comfort of wooly house slippers.
  9. For my vegetarians who are not on a strict New Year’s diet, this is the most indulgent, scrumptious meal you will ever find in the frozen food aisle. Treat yourself and stock your freezer with a couple boxes to take to the office when you don’t feel like packing a complicated lunch.
  10. Lastly, we’re still figuring out the wall art for our house. In the meantime, I’m trying not to cover every wall with these adorable plant holders.

What are the cute, fun, useful, awesome things you’re addicted to? Tell me!

Photo Credit: Vitae Weddings

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