Refresh and Decompress

My goodness, it’s February already.  January was a whirlwind, and this month has already been filled with plenty of meetings, late nights and sitting in traffic. I don’t have a ton of time to go out of my way to relax- like hit a spa or get a pedicure… so when I’m finally home, there are a few simple things I depend on to help me decompress and feel refreshed. Aside from donuts and ice cream of course.

Agency Addicts - Decompress

Turn off the bright lights… these luxurious scented candles from Anthropologie are so necessary for relaxation.

Agency Addicts - Snow Fairy bodywashEvery Christmas, I ask Santa for a bottle of Snow Fairy body wash. This seasonal treat by Lush is vegan, free of animal testing and always makes me feel refreshed.

Agency Addicts - DecompressHaving fresh flowers in the house is one of those little indulgences I absolutely love. I’ve read that seeing fresh flowers in the morning can even improve your mood for the rest of the day.  Every now and then, I just pick up a small bouquet for myself when I’m at Trader Joe’s or out shopping for groceries.

Agency Addicts - Fresh Lip ProductsThese lip products by Fresh are my favorite. They have this incredible velvety texture and smell oh-so-good.  I feel so pampered every time I use them.

Agency Addicts - DecompressI’m addicted to coffee. But when I want to unwind, I reach for a hot cup of tea instead. Plus I can’t get enough of these beautiful tins by Harney & Sons.

Hope you all are having a relaxing week.  When things get hectic, what are the things you go for to decompress? <3

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