Fave Healthy Office Snacks

I’ve been ordering healthy office snacks for my coworkers over the past several months. I pick something different each week and get it delivered to the office through Amazon Fresh. It’s a quick, easy, low-maintenance way to incorporate something positive into the daily grind. You can see the post I wrote on our first month’s shopping list here. We’ve tried all sorts of things from pineapple spears to freeze-dried fruit crisps to vegan glass noodle bowls. Everyone loves having new snacks each week, but I’ve definitely noticed which ones get gobbled up within minutes of being dropped off in the kitchen. These are our top 5 healthy office snacks…Agency Addicts - Our top 5 fave healthy office snacks - almondsAlmonds. An easy munchie to have at your desk, and great when you need just a little something in between meals.
Agency Addicts - Our top 5 fave healthy office snacks - bananas and almond butterAlmond Butter with Bananas (or apples). These Justin’s Almond Butter packets are so awesome. You can eat them with fruit, or on their own, and they’re really filling. The maple flavored almond butter tastes like dessert. I’m obsessed.
Agency Addicts - Our top 5 fave healthy office snacks - larabars.Larabars. I’ve always loved Larabars, but I was surprised at how much my coworkers loved them too. There are so many different flavors and they’re dairy and soy free- Blueberry Muffin is my absolute favorite.Agency Addicts - Our top 5 fave healthy office snacks - Nutella. Nutella. How cute are these mini individual packs of Nutella? Right around 3pm, when I’m craving something sweet after lunch, I love having a banana with one of these little packets. Agency Addicts - Our top 5 fave healthy office snacks - avocado toastAvocado toast. This is our #1 fave healthy snack in the office. My coworkers LOVE when we have fresh avocados and whole wheat bread during the week. It’s especially good for breakfast before a big meeting or even as a healthy lunch.


What are your favorite healthy office snacks?

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