End of Year Tidying

Sprinkles in my coffeeHope everyone got some much needed time off for the holidays.  Mine was filled with endless food – from tamales to eggs benedict to knishes to chow mein to pie and sprinkles.  I think I spent all of Sunday “recovering” with naps and lounging with Netflix. And if you’re lucky like me, you were back to work this Monday. I don’t mind working the couple days in between Christmas and New Years because it gives me time to do a little clean up.

Before you set resolutions for the new year, how about some tidying up of what’s left in 2014? Here are the few things I started and am planning to finish before the big day.


Oh man. My desktop has been looking horrendous lately.  And my downloads folder… even worse.  I spent a good couple hours yesterday afternoon filing things away on the server.  SO important when you work at an agency because we all share a ton of information, and at any point your little laptop can totally decide it doesn’t want to play anymore.


I really don’t know why I print things out at all.  But I guess it’s still necessary and convenient at times.  This is the best time to look through those fat file folders in your desk drawer and really ask yourself if you need those old production schedules, work orders and action registers.  Totally understandable that you have printed items for CYA purposes (we all do) – for things like client mark ups or signed approvals, scan those and save them to the server.


I feel like clutter just adds to stress. There is nothing more refreshing than working from a spotless, well-organized, pretty area. So gather all those hippo-shaped stress relievers, the 8 million stylus clickety pens and unsightly die-cut magnets you’ve collected from trade shows over the year… and GIVE THEM AWAY.  I have a couple friends who are teachers and they love taking my trade show items to give away to their kiddies as rewards for good behavior.  So do your teacher friends a favor and clear out that clutter.  Then replace that stuff with things that actually represent your style and make you happy- perhaps a framed picture of a unicorn and a gold stapler.

And that’s it.  Not too bad right?  Just a few things to wrap up so your new year is bright and tidy.

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