The end of the fiscal year is usually pretty UN-fun. It’s the time when you’re planning budgets for next year, preparing a bunch of ever-changing documentation for your Finance department, as well as your clients, and forecasting revenue, aka predicting the future. See, no fun. It’s around this time when I find it really easy to fall into a funk… luckily, I have awesome coworkers who keep me laughing hysterically every day. They basically make any situation bearable.

I realize the importance of interacting with coworkers now more than ever, especially since I started working from home several days a week. This is so essential. I think I would just implode if I didn’t have my coworkers around. I remember when I first interviewed with our VP of Ops for the position I’m in now… he told me that he helped start this satellite office in CA so that people who typically worked from home out here (the rest of our company is spread between Detroit and Milwaukee) would have the chance to interact, more specifically, bitch and commiserate, with each other.

And we do just that. Unfortunately, the majority of my coworkers are in Milwaukee. But that doesn’t matter – we still have a ton of laughs over afternoon phone calls and video chat. Our Account Director is officially on maternity leave and even she surprises us with periodic texts of her newborn baby girl. I have to say, looking up from examining an ugly spreadsheet to see the fat cheeks of a sweet baby face… not too shabby of a pick me up.

What makes your tough days better?

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