Agency Addicts is a blog for anyone who’s ever worked at an agency – big or small, whatever the position.  Wow, that sounded raunchy.

Fonuts! Gluten free and Vegan.We’re talking about the marketing industry and client services…

Remember how in college, you’re assigned these group projects where you conjure up some product and think up anything and everything to market it to the world?  With no budget, resource or time constraints?   You and your team present a 20 page Powerpoint on your branding shenanigans and how you’re going to endorse Gwen Stefani as the spokesperson for your fake company’s temporary hair color product line.  Your professor nods in approval as you go from slide to slide. And because  you guys went the extra mile and filmed a pretend commercial, with lots of slow motion and awesome unlicensed music in the background, you score yourselves an A+.

Then you land your first marketing job and…  Mind. Blown.

No 3-hour sessions of sitting around for creative thinking.  No swirling your whiskey alongside Don Draper. No quick decisions, results or approvals.  Instead, if you manage to survive the first few experience-deficient years of your budding marketing career, you quickly learn that working at an agency requires a load of bitch work in the beginning, alongside unpredictable hours, followed by endless client requests, amidst a bunch of internal financial tracking hullabaloo that you thought you’d avoided in the first place by pursuing a career in marketing.

None of the above sounds awesome.  But it kind of is.  You get wrapped up in what you do, engulfed in the work, in finding solutions. You drink that Kool-aid.  And before you know it…


Agency Addicts - Tracy ChinAgency Addicts is managed by Tracy Chin. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her bearded dragon Gwen the Beardie. Since starting this blog, Tracy has discovered her love of creating content, whether it be writing, styling or photography.

Tracy has worked for agencies big and small, with a variety of specialties from creative/branding to data driven marketing. Agency Addicts was created to celebrate the romance of agency life, as well as its stresses, all the while weaving in elements of home and weekend festivities.

  • Nazirah Ashari
    September 24, 2015

    Thank you for liking one of my photos on Instagram. That’s how I discovered your blog, obviously! I can totally connect with pretty much everything you’re saying on this page. Love your content! Keep it coming. 🙂

  • Jeanie S.
    March 7, 2016

    YES! You captured the agency addiction so perfectly. Love your blog! Great content and such pretty pictures. Keep it coming!

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