A Sunday at Design Love Fest

If you are a fan of Bri Emery and her blog Designlovefest.com, taking one of her workshops is definitely something you should consider.  I spent this past Sunday attending her Social Media Workshop at her gorgeous studio inside The Unique Space, a dreamy building hidden away in LA’s Arts District.

In case you were wondering, yes. Everything is beautiful.  Everything.  Their walls, the floors, chairs, HER, down to the kitchen sink.  It’s aqua.  Their kitchen sink is aqua.

Design Love Fest’s studio kitchen

I geekishly arrived at the studio WAY early.  I got there, poked my head in to check that I was indeed at the right place, walked back to my car, moved it closer to the building, gone back inside, and was still there a full half hour early.  So I sat by myself and before I knew it, there she was. Bri Emery walked in, stopped at the sweet little kitchen I had been sitting next to, and ate some homemade fried rice off the stove.  It was a happy moment for me to see this inspiring lady in person.

Bold, graphic wallpaper inside Design Love Fest's Studio

Bold, graphic wallpaper inside Design Love Fest’s Studio

Their bright white workspace is filled with natural light, something Bri relies heavily on to create her gorgeous happiness-inducing photos.  We walked in and were greeted with grapefruit mimosas. I’ve decided that all office spaces should have candy colored seats.

All workspaces should have candy colored seats

I went into that workshop having very limited knowledge on how to use social media as a tool to promote people/companies/sites/blogs/products effectively. Bri’s presentation was very informative, easy to follow and oh-so-motivating.  Her advice and recommendations were pretty phenomenal. She covered a bevy of information from best times to post, what to post, to the best and worst ways to use hashtags, and even got up to show us how to take and edit awesome photos.  All that, coupled with her engaging personality made learning about a subject that I was pretty foreign to less intimidating.

Me with Design Love Fest's Bri Emery! Her slide presentation is projecting over her face - wisdom never looked so fierce.

Me with Design Love Fest’s Bri Emery! Her slide presentation is projecting over her face – wisdom never looked so fierce.

I have never been so inspired to do work!  I was so excited to get home and utilize everything I learned.  But not before I stole a photo with the lovely Bri Emery herself.  And grabbed a donut.  Priorities, people.

Fonuts. YUM.

Fonuts. YUM.

These were by Fonuts by the way.  They were like heavenly cakes of goodness.  AND I found out they were vegan and gluten-free, which I would’ve never thought. Anywho, whether you’re looking to learn something new or just spend a fun day in a gorgeous, dreamy space, I HIGHLY recommend the workshops at Design Love Fest.  #dlfworkshops

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