5 Best Donuts in Los Angeles

Happy National Donut Day Everyone! Donuts make me so happy. Just looking at them puts me in a better mood. Of course I prefer eating them. I hope you’re biting into a warm, soft, plush, delicious donut right now. Here are my 5 favorite places to get donuts in Los Angeles.


Cafe Dulce, located in eclectic Little Tokyo, serves scrumptious donuts that are buttery and indulgent, yet still light and fluffy… I always get their donut holes with Fruity Pebbles. They also have a donut with an Oreo cookie crumble on top that I LOVE.

Agency Addicts - Cafe Dulce DonutsAgency Addicts - Cafe Dulce


Fonuts has these delicious, vibrant, colorful donuts … and they offer vegan AND gluten-free options. There’s something for everyone here.

Fonuts. YUM.


I think we can all agree these are the cutest donuts ever. Fantastic Donuts, in Korea Town, is filled with these sugar babies… bears donning Cookie Crisp ears, pigs with marshmallow noses, all sorts of little birdies…. and that cow. I almost couldn’t eat these because I couldn’t stop oogling them. Almost.

Agency Addicts - Fantastic Donuts

Agency Addicts - Fantastic Donuts


Also located in Korea Town, California Donuts usually has a line out the door. And getting street parking in K-Town can be really tough, so just be prepared for that, because the wait will be totally worth it. Since they get so much traffic, they’re constantly pulling out warm, fresh batches of donuts from the back. My favorite thing about this place is their variety – they have so many different kinds of donuts.

Agency Addicts - California Donuts


Back to the basics. Who doesn’t love Dunkin Donuts. In LA, you can find a Dunkin in Santa Monica. I’m obsessed with their pink frosted donuts with sprinkles. They’re exactly what I picture when I think of donuts.

AGENCY ADDICTS - DUNKIN DONUTSHope you found this post helpful! Take some time to enjoy National Donut Day – pick up a dozen before work and indulge in all the goodness.  <3


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